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The Projects Window

Video Transcript:

The projects window will be the first thing you see each time you launch EverWeb.

The projects window is very straightforward. It consists of the recent projects, and two buttons. One button for creating a new site, and another button to take you to the EverWeb video tutorials page.

Whenever you want to create a brand new site in EverWeb, you will click on the Create a new website button.

If you do not have any saved projects in EverWeb,  your recent projects list will be empty, but if you do have one or more saved projects, you will see them in the list here. To open a saved project, simply double click on the project that you want to open.

Next to each project, you will see some arrows that can be clicked on. From the menu that appears, you can choose to Show on Disk, which will bring up the Finder window and show you the project file on your hard drive. Make Backup will create a backup of your project file. Restore from backup will allow you to restore your project from the backup file that you had created when clicking on the Make Backup option.

You can also duplicate a project file, and send your project file to our customer support department. Finally, you can delete a project by selecting the Delete option.