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Automatic Search Engine Optimization

Your visitors are looking searching for you, so lets make sure your website ranks at the top of all major search engines!

With EverWeb SEO PowerUP Add-on you can make sure your website is properly optimized for all major search engines, create XML Sitemap files and robot.txt files and automatically submit your website to search engines. All done for you with no technical configurations.

Once you have purchased the add-on, EverWeb takes care of everything for you. You can even fine tune your website by highlighting more important pages and specifying the content change frequency.

Add EverWeb SEO PowerUp

Adjust Your SEO Settings Per Page

When you want people to find your page in search engines, content is the most important.

Putting that content in the right places makes your page more likely to be found and ranked higher in search engines.

EverWeb gives you direct access to add content to your title tag and meta tags so search engines can find your most important content.

Additionally you can specify which pages are most important how often they are updated. This helps guide search engines through your website.

From the Page Inspector you can also add social media images which appear when you website is shared online and remove pages from search engines if you don't want it to be found.

Most importantly, EverWeb optimizes your website so it loads as fast as possible for your visitors. A faster loading website results in higher search engine rankings.