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Fully Customizable Contact Forms in EverWeb

Visually Create Unlimited Contact Forms

With EverWeb you can visually create unlimited contact forms for your website.

Collect visitor feedback, request documents from your visitors and stay in touch with your clients while managing all form submissions in your EverWeb client area. Search, export, and manage all feedback coming in from your website.

Plus, create beautiful contact forms that match your website design without any coding or "techie" skills.

Add Contact Forms Enhanced

See EverWeb's New Contact Forms in Action!

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From Simple Contact Forms...

That can easily be added to your website and customized with as many options as you need.

Highlight certain sections such as required or important form fields.

Choose from over a dozen form controls including text input, selection menus, check boxes, date entry, and more. Style your 'Submit' button with awesome mouse hover transitions that match your website style.

You're 100% in control of the information you can collect from your visitors.

To Advanced & Complex Web Forms...

Collect all the information you need, safely and securely from your website visitors.

Visitor File Uploads

Accept file uploads from your visitors. Ask for any number of files to be sent to your email.

SPAM Protection

Quickly add Google reCaptcha for SPAM protection and preventing bots from sending you unsolicited emails.

Style Customizations

Change form background colors, adjust control alignment and positions, highlight important sections and completely customize the 'Submit' button to match the style of your website

Unlimited Form Controls

There is no limit to the number of options you can add to your contact forms. Choose from over a dozen form controls including; text fields, drop down menus, multi-selection lists, radio buttons, date entry, phone numbers, number only fields and more!

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Advanced Form Fields & Styles

Create advanced forms with full Calendar and Time Selection fields.

You can even block off certain dates and times, customize the date formats and more.

Required fields let you specify form fields that must be filled out or selected by your visitors.

Automatic Confirmation Emails

Send personalized confirmation emails when customers fill out and submit your forms. You can even use the data the customer entered in your form in the confirmation email they recieve.

Manage form submissions - Contact Forms Enhanced

Manage all your contact form submissions from your client area

Easily Manage All Form Submissions

In addition to an email notification you can see and manage all your Contact Form submissions from your client area.

Contact Froms Enhanced offers these additional features through your very own management section;

  1. Manage unlimited contact forms
  2. Search and sort through all form submissions
  3. Export all form submissions as CSV and manage them in Numbers.app or Excel
  4. Download file uploads submitted by your visitors
  5. Delete individual form submissions
  6. Send mass, personalized emails to all customers who have ever contacted you

What Can You Do With Contact Forms Enhanced?

With no setup and no technical skills needed, the Contact Forms Enhanced Add-on can help you quickly;

  1. Manage members or potential clients
  2. Receive images, PDF files or anything else you require from your visitors
  3. Collect visitor or customer feedback and keep it easily organized
  4. Create surveys and learn what your visitors need

Personalized Mass Emails to Your Customers

With one-click you can stay in touch with all of your customers.

You can easily send mass, personalized emails to any customer who has previously contacted you through your website. Simply select the customers you want to email and you will be take to our Mass Email screen.

From here you can use ‘Tags’ to personalize your emails. Each customer will receive their own personalized message based on the data they used to fill out your forms.

Use this feature to send product updates, new promotions, confirmation emails or anything else you like.

Mass Emails with Contact Forms Enhanced

Send personalized mass emails to any customer who has contacted you through your website