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Three Quick Search Engine Optimization Tricks You Can Do to Your EverWeb Website

Monday, May 6, 2019 1:07 PM

You’re website is online, but who is able to find it out of the billions of other websites out there.

In this blog post I want to go over three modifications you can make to your EverWeb website to help improve its search engine rankings. 

Search Engines want to show the best results for their users who are searching for something. So, how can we make sure that your website is considered the BEST result for a user’s search query? 

Here are 3 quick changes you can make it less than 30 minutes total to;

  1. Target the visitors you want coming to your website
  2. Build trust with search engines and your visitors
  3. Help your visitors share and spread the word about your website

Target the Visitors You Want Coming To Your Website

One of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings is to target only the customers you want for your business or services. A great, and easy way to do this, is to the set the language/country tag for your website.

For people who are;

  1. Making websites for non-english speakers
  2. Making websites for people only from a specific country or region
  3. Making websites that are in multiple languages

It is very important that you include the langauge/country tag on your website.

In EverWeb, you can set a global language/country tag by doing the following;

  1. Go to the File menu and select ‘Edit Publishing Settings...'
  2. Find the Language dropdown menu
  3. Select the target region you need to attract to your website

Search engines use this information to target only the visitors you want to come to your website. It could mean higher regional or local search engine rankings.

Furthmore, if you make a multi-lingual website you can actually override the site wide language setting with a specific language or region code for each page. This means you can make specific pages that target specific languages.

  1. Select the page that you want to target a specific language or country
  2. Go to the Inspector and select Page Settings (the first tab)
  3. You will see a Language drop down menu that you can use to select a specific language or country for this page

Now, instead of trying to compete for a top search engine ranking globally, you can actually target just the visitors you want giving you an advantage when your target market is searching for your website.

Build Trust With Search Engines and Your Website Visitors

The next suggestion usually takes some technical know-how, but fortunately for you, you are a smart EverWeb users so you just need to click a checkbox and enjoy the benefits of an HTTPS Secure Website.

An HTTPS Secure website encrypts all the traffic and data being sent between your website and your visitor’s computer. 

In addition to protecting your visitors, search engines see this as a safe and secure website and will give you a rankings boost just for this reason.

But even more, web browsers will show your website as Secure instead of a unsecure warning on the top of your browser. This gives your visitors the extra confidence to continue browsing and visiting your website.

To enable HTTPS Websites for EverWeb + Hosting Customers

  1. Go to the File menu and select ‘Edit Publishing Settings...'
  2. Select the option to ‘Use HTTPS Urls’ (This setting is free for EverWeb + Hosting 10GB users and costs $29.95 USD/year for EverWeb + Hosting 2GB users)
  3. Publish Your Website and EverWeb will take care of forwarding your old unsecure URLs to the secure ones

To Enable HTTPS Websites for EverWeb Standalone on Third Party Web Hosts

  1. You need to purchase an SSL Certificate from your web hosting provider
  2. Once installed, Go to the File menu and select ‘Edit Publishing Settings...'
  3. Enter https:// instead of just http in the URL field
  4. Publish your website
  5. Ask your web hosting provider to forward old unsecure URLs to the secure URLs

With this change, you should see improved search engine rankings within just a few days or a few weeks.

Let Your Users Share Your Website With Others

Making it easy for your website visitors to share your website URL with others on their social media is a great way to not only get more customers from personal recommendations, but social shares of your website will actually improve your search engine rankings.

The more visitors share your website, the more crediblity it adds to your website.

EverWeb not only makes it easy to do this, it also makes it look good!

First, you should add a Social Media Image from the Inspector.

Go to the Page Settings tab (first tab) and select an image where it says ‘Social Media Image'

Next, start adding social media share buttons.

Under the Widgets tab, EverWeb offers Facebook Like Widget, Pinterest Pin It, and other social media engangement widgets including ‘Facebook Page Timeline’, and Twitter Follow Me buttons.

Other Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?

These are just the few, quickest ways to give yourself a bump on your search engine rankings.

We’ll be posting more tips in the next coming weeks, but if you havent yet done so, check out the Free EverWeb SEO Video Course for in depth Search Engine Optimizations strategies for your EverWebsite.