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RAGE Software respects the privacy of every individual who visits our website.

          RAGE Software will not collect any personally-identifiable information about you (ie. your name, address, or email address) unless you provide it voluntarily.

          RAGE Software will not give, trade, sell, or otherwise distribute the personal information that you provide us.

          RAGE Software will often provide links to websites that our out of our control, but that we feel are appropriate for viewers. RAGE Software is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of the websites we may link to.

Information that we collect

When you visit everwebapp.com, we collect basic information that does not identify individual users. The information that we collect includes IP address, which pages are visited, the page that referred you to our site and some information about your browser and OS type.

We use industry standard, third party website analytics such as Google Analytics to better understand how our customers use our website and how they find us. This information is protected according to their policies and no personally identifiable information is collected automatically.

We do not collect personal information such as email, name, address, etc... unless you voluntarily submit it to us. When you purchase our software only the fields that you fill out are sent to us.

We collect your data when you contact our customer support team via phone, email or another communication channel. This will include your IP address and phone number or email depending on the method used to contact us. The purpose of collecting your data is to help you solve any issue you have with our services. The legal basis of collecting this data is fulfillment of our contractual or pre-contractual obligations to you.

Additionally, we may record phone calls. The purpose of phone call recording is quality control of our customer support services and personnel training as well as keeping a record of your requests to make sure we can better help you and for our mutual legal protection. The legal basis of call recordings are our legitimate interests in retaining you as a customer and providing you with first-class customer support services as well as maintaining a record of your requests to us to make sure we provide you with the services you want and need.

How we use information

The information that we collect helps us make our website better, get you your serial numbers or licenses for our products and send you reply emails to your questions and comments.

When you submit a question via our online form, your email address allows us to reply to you and answer your queries. We will never sell, or give your email address to any third party organizations.

When you purchase a domain name we send your information to ICANN, the domain authority, so that your domain can be registrered.

When you purchase a license to our software we use your address and credit card details to process your payment. We use third party merchant providers such as Stripe.com and PayPal.com to process your credit card information.

Payment history is stored in order to comply with Canadian Tax laws. Your actual payment information is not stored. If you explicitly sign up to auto renewals on your web hosting accounts you can elect to store a "reference" to your credit card details which cannot be used to make purchases outside of our website.

Security of your Data

We protect your data using industry standard data portection techniques including;

1. Secure 256 bit encrypted HTTPS Urls

2. Multiple password walls

3. One way encrypted, hashed passwords

4. Regular security audits

Access or Change your information

You can login to your client area at anytime to see all the details stored about you and update or remove any information. You have access to all information that we store 24/7 and you can modify, remove or add to it at any time.

You can also unsubscribe from any newsletters and instantly request cancellation of services at any time in your client area.

Public Forums, Chats etc...

RAGE Software may make public forums, chat rooms or newgroups available to its visitors. RAGE Software can not be held responsible for the content or information on these public forums. Any information that is disclosed will become available to the public and anyone who visits the RAGE Software website. Please use caution when posting personal information.

By using our disucssion form we do not automatically share any personal information to the public. Only information you enter in our forums are shared.

GDPR & EU Customers

Based on new rules set forth by the European Union, RAGE Software complies with these rules and the interestes of our customers. Here are your rights under EU law and how you can apply them with our services.

1. Right to be Forgotten: You may change any information about you, unsubscribe from any service and request deletion of your data all from within your client area. We will remove all data not required by Canadian Law for financial, legal or tax purposes immediately.

2. Right to rectification: As noted above you have the ability at any time to update, change or remove any and all data we store about you from your client area

3. Right to data portability. We will provide you with a machine-readable copy of your account data at any time.

4. Right to access: You always have access to all personal information we store about you in your client area.

5. Right to object: From your client area you can modify how we contact you, what information you want us to send you etc... Please keep in mind that for domains and web hosting we are required to send you notifications of renewals and expiries by law. To opt out of domain renewal notices or web hosting renewals you must cancel your account from your client area.

Further Information

RAGE Software is dedicated to providing you with an easy and safe way to purchase our products. We also respect your privacy and will never release the information that we collect to third party organizations. For more information please contact us