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Website Protection With A Search Engine Boost

Secure Websites With No Setup

Website security can be extremely overwhelming. For our EverWeb users we have taken out all the technical setup & configuration to secure your websites, boost your search engine rankings and protect your website visitors.

With the EverWeb Site Shield Add-on, securing your website is as simple as checking a few boxes and publishing your site. With the SiteShield Add-on you’ll get;

  1. Secure HTTPS URLs
  2. XSS (Cross Scripting) protection
  3. Protection against maulicious website scripts and exploits
  4. Protection from insecure connections
  5. Secure your visitor data
  6. Search engine ranking boost
Add EverWeb Site Shield

Securing Your Website is Easy!

When you're ready to publish your website, click the 'Use HTTPS Secure URLs' and EverWeb automatically takes care of everything for you.

EverWeb will automatically secure your website and redirect any insecure HTTP urls to secure HTTPS urls. You won't need to set up or configure anything.

For additional security protections click the 'Advanced...' button.

Protect Your Website With Advanced Security Settings

We removed all the complexities out of securing your EverWeb website with enhanced security settings. Simply check off the settings you would like to use (we recommend all of them) and publish your website.

These settings not only protect your website visitors and your own data, they can also give a boost to your search engine rankings.

With these settings enabled both you and your website visitors can feel secure and safe while browsing your website.