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EverWeb QuickStart Guide

Video Transcript:

EverWeb is an easy to use, user friendly drag and drop website builder. You can quickly begin building your very own website by starting with one of the many built-in templates. If you would like to build your own website from scratch, just choose the blank template and begin designing your site to look the way you want it to.

When using one of the built in themes, any object can be modified, moved, or removed. You can also add objects to the page such as a text box, shapes, and images. Moving the objects around the page is extremely easy to do and gives you complete control over your website.

You can easily add a new pages to your site by clicking on the Add Page button in the bottom left corner, and then selecting the page from the template list just like we did earlier.

Navigation menus come pre-added to most template pages, but if you want to add a navigation menu to your site, just drag the navigation menu widget onto the page, and all of your pages that are on your site will appear in the navigation. You can edit the navigation menu so that it appears the way you want it to. You can even include a drop down in your navigation!

The assets tab will list all of the images and files on your site so you can easily manage them and have quick access to using them across all pages on your site.

The master pages feature will allow you to create designs that can be applied to multiple pages on your site. This feature is best used for having the same header and footer designs across all pages. When it comes time to making a change to either your header and/or footer, the change can automatically be applied to all pages on your site. This will save you loads of time!

With EverWeb, you can perform all of your search engine optimization from within the application. We even have a free SEO For EverWeb video guide that you can refer to for complete instructions on SEO.

We also recommend setting up a mobile friendly version of your website. Mobile users are typically on the go and require a more condensed version of your page that is lite, and to the point.

Don't forget to click the "Learn how to use EverWeb" button which is located on the projects window for an extensive list of video tutorials.