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Creating A Sticky Header

Video Transcript:

A website’s header, which typically contains the navigation menu, can be made sticky so that when the user scrolls down on the page, the header is always accessible.

To do this, what you will need to do is determine which objects you want to be sticky.

In this case, I want the background shape, the company log, and the navigation menu to be sticky. One by one, I will select an object, and first enable the Always on Top option, followed by the Fixed Position option.

The reason I am doing this one by one is because I want to ensure that all of the objects will always on top. If I miss out on selecting one of the objects as being always on top, I might run into a situation where another object on the page covers the sticky header, and that generally won’t looked very nice.

So selecting the objects one by one will allow me to ensure that the object is not only fixed, but also always on top.

And that is how you make a sticky header or navigation in EverWeb.