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Multi-Lingual Website

Video Transcript:

To create a multi-lingual website in EverWeb, the best way to do it is to separate each language into their own directories, and use master pages to make the process easier.

So as you can see here, I have my primary website, which is my English site. I also have my master page for my English site up here. If you are not familiar with master pages, I highly recommend taking a look at our master pages video tutorial. Like all of our video tutorials the master pages tutorial can be found on our website here, or by clicking on the Learn how to use EverWeb button on the Projects Window.

I am now deciding that I want to add a French version of my site.

The first thing I am going to do is setup the French master page. All I do for this is duplicate the English one, and rename it.

Next, I will set up the French directory. I will do this by clicking on the Add Directory button, and then just select the Blank page.

I am then going to give this directory a name. You can name it whatever you want, but I usually recommend naming it the language or an abbreviation for the language, since this will appear in the URL.

Now, I will add my first page for my French site by clicking on the add page button, followed by selecting the blank page again.

On the Page Settings tab, I am going to select the French Master from the drop down menu. I will also rename the file name, to be whatever I want it to be. I am going to uncheck the option that says Include page in navigation menu. The reason I am doing this is because my navigation menu is going to be used for my primary language only, and all other languages will have navigation menus created manually. We will get to this later in the tutorial.

Okay so now I am ready to add whatever I want to the home page of my French site. When that is done, I can continue and add all other pages for the site.

I have now finished my French site. You will notice that the navigation menu seen on the French site is in English. Let’s correct this.

I am now going to click on my French master, and just remove the current navigation menu that appears. I still want to have a navigation menu on my french site, so I am going to place some text links and make my own navigation menu by hyperlinking them.

Okay so now that that is done, there is one more important thing I have to do. Since the English site is the primary site, and by default, users will land on the English site when visiting my homepage, I need to be able to give access to those who wish to view the French version of the site, from the English version. To do that, I will simply add a link from the English version to the French version. This can be done using text, or an image, or both - the choice is yours.

I am also going to do the same thing on my French site, in case a user wants to toggle back to English.

I am now going to repeat this process for all other languages that I want to have on my site.

When I am ready, I can publish my site as I normally would, and I will then be able to toggle between all of the different languages on my website.