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Adding Animations to Images, Text and More

Video Transcript:

EverWeb’s animation feature makes it easy to add special effects to your website at the touch of a button.

You can animate either text, shapes or image objects.

In this example  I want to animate the top four squares.

I start by selecting each of the squares. Then I go to the Shape Options in the Inspector.

Next I go down to the animation section and tick the box. A number of animation effect options are now displayed in the first drop down menu. Select the effect you want.

You can refine your selection by choosing options from the second drop down menu,

If you would like to see how the effect works, look at the preview window at the bottom of the settings.

Use ‘Duration’ to set the length of the animation effect in seconds and milliseconds. Alternatively enter a number in the box or use the up and arrow keys.

You can also delay the start of the animation using the ‘Delay’ feature.

If you wish to show the animation feature a number of times select ‘Repeat’.

Once you have completed your animation, Preview it first before publishing.

Animation is a great way of focusing your visitors attention on a particular part or.feature of your website.

So remember to use the effects sparingly. Using too many effects may irritate your visitors. If you are using more than one effect make sure that they flow properly by using the delay feature to stagger the start time of each effect.