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Import WordPress Blog Posts to EverWeb

Video Transcript:

If you already have a blog that you have created in WordPress you can easily import that into EverWeb, including all images in your blog posts.

I already have a blog that I created through WordPress, and today I’d like to import that blog into EverWeb, so I can start managing it here. The process is very straightforward.

First of all, I’ll need to publish my WordPress blog to a folder, and save it to my local machine.

From my WordPress admin account, I’ll go to tools and then click the Export link. I can select just the blog posts and which posts I want to export.

In this case I will export all my blog posts so I don’t need to make any changes to the settings and press the ‘Download Export File’.

This file will be downloaded to my computer and it is what I will import into my EverWeb blog.

I have already created a new EverWeb blog so all I have to do is go to the posts page in the my Web page list and click the ‘Import’ button  and then select Wordpress.

I just need to  navigate to that folder and choose the file the file that I exported from my WordPress blog.

If I have a lot of images on my WordPress site, EverWeb will take some time to download them all. But once that is done, I will see all my WordPress blog imported into EverWeb and I can edit them, or just continue adding new posts.