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Import iWeb Blog Posts to EverWeb

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone. I already have a blog that I created through iWeb, and today I’d like to import that blog into EverWeb, so I can start managing it here. The process is very simple.

First of all, I’ll need to publish my iWeb website to a folder, and save it to my local machine. I have already published my website with iWeb to a local folder on my computer.

If you no longer have your iWeb project file or don’t have iWeb installed on your computer, but you have your iWeb website online somewhere, you will still be able to import your blog. You wll just have to contact your web hosting company and ask them for a copy of your iWeb website.

So once you have exported your iWeb website to a folder on your computer, you can launch EverWeb.

Go to the web page list on the left hand side where I have already create a new blog. And I’ll select the posts page.

Then I’ll go to the blog posts list window, and click the import button.

From the dialog that appears I’ll select iWeb and then Import.. I’ll navigate to the folder that I exported from iWeb and open it. EverWeb will automatically recognize any blogs that have been created in your iWeb website.

So from this dialog I can just select the blog I want to import.

And I see that all of my posts have been added, and can be found here in the blog posts list window. Now I can add new blog posts, or edit my old ones.