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Build Your Software Press Freeway Website in EverWeb

Video Transcript:

Freeway by SoftPress was created in 1996 and has a long, and sometimes chequered, history. The company ceased trading in 2016 but restarted in 2017 as a slim down business returning "from the netherworld......."

Freeway is a 32-bit Carbon application which means it won’t run on Mac operating systems from macOS Catalina onwards which only support 64 bit apps.

When you launch Freeway you see its heritage immediately as it asks if you want to install Adobe’s Flash plug-in which no modern website should be using due to its security vulnerabilities.

Next you will see Freeway theme template chooser which includes just nine built in templates for general page design!

With a template installed, you will come to Freeway’s UI, which, as a Carbon based app, is outdated. You will have to work the Freeway UI in a different way to other apps on your Mac. The UI is also over complicated using a raft of floating panes that you constantly have to move out of the way.

You will find that common website building tasks such as creating menus, image galleries, blogging and e-commerce are not simple, straightforward or intuitive. Just time consuming and error prone.

And although Freeway is marketed as a no coding website builder, its UI has HTML and CSS terms everywhere as if you should know what they are already.

In contrast to Freeway, EverWeb has been a 64-bit app since macOS High Sierra and is always in step with the latest macOS. By contrast as a 32 bit app Freeway will need a full code rewrite to become a 64-Bit app.

EverWeb’s modern design and macOS compliant User Interface keeps all the tools you need within the main UI reducing the need for floating panes that get in the way of your workflow.

EverWeb's features are consistently named in commonly used computer terms making it easy for you to find and use the features you need.

Building a website is easy in EverWeb, you just drag and drop! And if you want to build a Responsive website that’s also easy with EverWeb.

There’s a complete chapter in the User Manual to help get you started with responsive design as well as plenty of getting started and deep dive video tutorials in EverWeb’s built in Help system or on EverWeb’s YouTube Channel

EverWeb features are usually just one mouse click away and are designed to make complicated tasks simple and easy e.g. just drag and drop a widget on to your page and you have a navigation menu!

The same is true if you want your own E-Commerce store out of the box. For example, just setup a PayPal account, then drag and drop EverWeb’s PayPal widget on to your page!

And your own blog is just a couple of mouse clicks away as well!

EverWeb also makes designing your website easy with over 150 free to use Theme Templates and over 500,000 royalty free stock images to choose from.

SEO is important to keep your website high in search page rankings. EverWeb’s SEO is built in to your page design and our online video course will help you optimize your SEO to your best advantage.

Although Freeway includes SEO it’s difficult to find how to use it effectively in your website.

EverWeb lets you choose between purchasing either a standalone product or with Hosting. If you host with us you’ll get features such as free email addresses, password protection and 404 page not found support built directly in to the product.

Freeway only offers a standalone product so you have to sort out all of the hosting and administration yourself.

EverWeb also offers free 24x7x365 telephone and email support for users with an active software and support plan whilst Freeway offers free email support with telephone support only available 16 hours day charged at premium rates.

So if you want a modern, up to date, easy to use website building app for the Mac why not take a look at EverWeb today?