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Build Your Sandvox Website in EverWeb

Video Transcript:

If you’re a Sandvox user you may have noticed that, except for macOS compatibility releases, Sandvox hasn’t been updated since 2017.

Whilst Sandvox is a good product, the lack of new and updated features together with publishing issues and unreliable support may make you wander what the future holds for the product and for your website.

We’d like to offer you an alternative in EverWeb.

You’ll quickly find yourself at home as the user experience is in many ways similar to Sandvox.

If you have an iWeb background you’ll also feel at home as EverWeb‘s user interface compliments but modernises the iWeb experience.

You can fully customise EverWeb’s professionally designed built in Templates to suit your needs, or create your own design from scratch.

You don’t need to know CSS or do any coding… just drag and drop!

If you do want to add your own code, that’s also no problem and is easy to do!

EverWeb makes creating Responsive websites really easy by doing the hard work for you, leaving you free to focus on your website’s design and features… just create one page design for desktop, tablet and mobile…

Creating your own E-Commerce experience is also a breeze with EverWeb. Our PayPal Widget lets you build your shopping experience without having to dig deep in Paypal itself. And you can integrate other e-commerce providers if you want.

SEO is built in to EverWeb and we have a full video tutorial library so that you can get the most out of SEO and all of EverWeb’s features.

Hosting your website with us is easy and secure websites are just one mouse click away.

If you have your own hosting provider that’s no problem either

and publishing your website to the internet is super fast and no hassle.

EverWeb is frequently updated throughout the year with new and updated features, keeping pace with today’s technology…

EverWeb is not a subscription service. When you purchase you get one year of product updates and 24x7 support to help you if you need it. If you don’t want to renew your license at the end of a year, you still get to keep the product you originally purchased.

So why not download EverWeb today from our website

and try it for free.