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EverWeb Membership Sites Overview

Video Transcript:

For the features described in this video you will need EverWeb version 4.0 or higher, for macOS or Windows.

Creating a membership, or subscription site is the easiest way to monetize your website in EverWeb.

EverWeb Membership Sites lets you password protect your website content and allows your visitors to subscribe to your website’s content with ease.

EverWeb Membership Sites takes care of payments, membership management, secure areas on your site and more.

It is easy to add a robust Membership section to your website, complete with member sign ups, profiles, restricted content and more.

EverWeb Membership Sites is available from your EverWeb Client Area...

Membership Starter allows anyone to add a robust Membership section to their website.

Membership Plus adds to Membership Starter with Free Memberships, Free Trials, mass membership emailing and more.

Membership Deluxe adds to Membership Plus with Unlimited Members and a super low transaction fee.

For more information about EverWeb Membership Sites plans, check out this link

There are two main components of EverWeb Membership Sites: The frontend which is where you create your Membership Sites pages in EverWeb, and the backend where you setup and manage your Membership Site and its membership.

The backend is located in your EverWeb Client Area. All of your Membership Site’s administration tasks are performed here.

You can setup, configure and manage your membership site and its membership quickly and with ease.

Use the sections on the left hand side of the Membership Sites section to setup your Membership Site’s details. We recommend setting up your membership site in the order shown in the list.

Once you have completed the backend setup of your Membership Site, you can then go in to EverWeb to set up the front end.

You use EverWeb itself to create your Membership Sites’ pages in your EverWeb project file.

When you sign up for EverWeb Membership Sites you will be able to download a powerful set of widgets, specifically for use with Membership Sites.

The widgets are easy to use, and guide you through developing all of the pages that you need to create a successful membership site. For example.

A Membership Sites Login Page

Sign Up Page

Payment Page

Membership Profile Page

Change Password Page and

Email Verification Page

Once you have created the pages of your membership site, you will want to password protect certain pages to restrict access to your content according to the Membership Levels that you have created in your EverWeb Client Area.

Use the Memberships button in the Password Protection section of the Page Settings tab, in the Inspector Window, to password protect your page’s content..

This is just an overview of the features of EverWeb Membership Sites. For more information, please check out the EverWeb User Manual or our EverWeb Membership Sites videos.