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Paid Members Paid Members Paid Members
Free Members Free Members Free Members
Membership Packages Membership Packages Membership Packages
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Transaction Fee Transaction Fee Transaction Fee
10% 4.9% 2.9%
Mass Emailing Mass Emailing Mass Emailing
Free Trials Free Trials Free Trials
Access Logs Access Logs Access Logs
Coupons & Discounts Coupons & Discounts Coupons & Discounts
Payment Options Payment Options Payment Options
Credit, Debit, Apple Pay + more Credit, Debit, Apple Pay + more Credit, Debit, Apple Pay + more
Import/Export Members Import/Export Members Import/Export Members

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What is EverWeb Membership Sites?


EverWeb Membership Sites is the easiest way to monetize your website by setting up password protected areas that require visitors to sign up and pay in order to log in.

EverWeb Membership Sites takes care of everything for you and is simple to add to your EverWeb website.

EverWeb Membership Sites will handle;

  1. Handling payment on the schedules you set
  2. Payment reminders & invoicing
  3. Securing your website content
  4. Keeping an access log of who and when someone accesses your content
  5. Plus advanced features like coupon, mass emailing subscribers and more


How is my website content secured?


In EverWeb you will assign which parts of your website should be password protected as well which Membership Packages can access each section.

You can setup an unlimited number of Membership Packages which can be one-time payments or on. recurring schedule. Your members will be sent payment reminders and automatically charged at the set intervals.


Which payment methods can I accept?


Your customers can use Credit cards, Debit cards, Apple Pay and many local payment options. We use Stripe.com to process payments for you.

Stripe will automatically send your funds to your bank at set intervals.


How can I see you has subscribed to my website?


You can view, manage and search all your subcribers from any device by logging into your client area.

From your client area you can access all your subscriber logs, payment history, as well as your site setup and configuration.


Can I provide access to others to manage our subscribers?


Yes! You can add add-on managers in your client area who will be able to access and manage your website's subscribers.


Can I import or export my subscribers?


Yes! You have full access to import or export all of your subcribers and the details you have collected from them.


How is this different than the simple password protection from EverWeb or my web host?


EverWeb Membership Sites is a fully functional website membership service. Your visitors can sign up with their own unique email & password. They will have a profile on your website and they can update and change any of their details.

You will also be able to see when your members login, collect payment dues, send automatic payment reminders and more.


What happens if my susbcriber misses their payments or does not want to renew?


Our system will automatically set their account to suspended and they won't be able to login until payment is sent. This will all happen automatically so you do not have to manually change anything.


Do you offer support if I have questions or problems with my site?


Yes! We made sure EverWeb was super easy to use. We have tons of video tutorials, knowledgebase articles and a thriving community of users eager to help you with questions. Almost every question you may have is probably already answered.

We also offer free tech support with an active EverWeb account.

Our 24/7 telephone support number is 1-888-500-2901 and is included free for all EverWeb + Hosting customers.

We also offer 1 to 1 web building coaching where we can set up a screenshare and walk you through any questions or help you with live, private instructions.