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Meta Keywords


The meta keywords attribute was important for SEO in the 90's and early 2000's but many web masters began to take advantage of this feature. As a result search engines devalued meta keywords and barely rely on them. Google has even stated that they do not take meta keywords into consideration at all.

Nonetheless many web masters still feel the need to add them to their sites. EverWeb does not contain a meta keywords section, but it is still very easy to add for those who do wish to add it to their pages.

What you must do is click into the head code section on the Site Settings tab. In this box, type in the code that you see here.

<meta name="keywords" content="left handed golf clubs,junior golf club sets">

In the content equals area, type in your key-terms. Separate each key-term with a comma. You will notice that I only have 2 key-terms in my code. The first one is left handed golf clubs, and the second term is junior golf club sets. This is in line with my original recommendation of having one primary, and one secondary key-term to target on each page.

You can repeat this process on the other pages of your website. Double check that your code is typed out exactly like the code you see here. The only difference should be the key-terms that are in between the opening and closing quotation marks.