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Alt Text For Images


Alternative text, or alt text, is the text given to a particular image that gives information about that image. The main purpose of this attribute is to still provide the user with information on the image, should the image not appear, or if the web browser the user is using is a screen reader as opposed to a traditional web browser.

Alt text can also provide search engines with information about an image, which can help with rankings in image searches.

In EverWeb, you can add alt text by selecting your image, and then clicking on the Shape Options tab in the Inspector, and type your alt text into the Alt text field.

For example, for this image here, I am going to type in A set of left handed golf clubs in a red and black golf bag.

With alt text, you want to describe the photo as best as possible. Try and include the keywords or phrases you have been using throughout your site while also keeping the text short, to the point, and relevant to the actual photo

Repeat this for all images on your site that you want to have alt text.