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Image Names


The images on your site can also help you gain traffic to your website. Many search engines, including Google, contain an Images search. Images found in an image search can direct users to your website, so it is important to optimize your images in order to take advantage of image searches.

Optimizing your images is very easy to do. All you need to do is give your image a keyword rich file name. For example, instead of naming your image something vague and generic such as IMG0003, a more descriptive and keyword rich file name would be left-handed-golf-clubs. Separating each word with hyphens will help search engines to distinguish between each word.

The best way to name your images is to do it before you add them to your assets list.

If your image is already in your assets list, you can rename it, however, the recommended method is to remove it from the assets, list, add the image with the optimized name, and then correct the image on the site so that it has the optimized image selected. Again, this is only the recommended method. If you don’t have enough time to do it this way, you can just rename the image right from within the assets list.