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Anchor Text


When adding links on your page the ‘anchor’ text, or phrase, that you can click on, that takes you to the destination page, plays a far greater role than most people imagine.

For example, let's do a Google search for the term ‘click here’. You will notice that one of the highest search results is for Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Nowhere on the Adobe Acrobat page does “click here” appear, yet it ranks highly for the term.

The reason for this, is because many other websites, including very high authority sites, such as educational institutions, link to this exact page,

and the anchor that they use is ‘click here’.

As you build your site, keep this SEO tip in mind.

When you link to other pages on your website, avoid using common phrases like ‘click here’ or anything similar to it.

Instead, use some of the keywords and phrases that you have written down.

For example, in this article it mentions left handed golf clubs.

What I can do is use this as my linkable text instead of something generic such as ‘click here’.

Start by highlighting the text, then click on the Hyperlinks tab, Click in the box to ‘Enable as Hyperlink’.

In my case, I want to link to another page in my site, so I make sure the ‘Link to’ field is to ‘One of my pages.

I can then use the Page field to choose the page in my site that is targeting left handed golf clubs.