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Web Page Content


The content of your site will have a large impact on your search engine rankings, as well as your ability to obtain incoming links.

Each page on your site should contain content in the form of text. Ideally, you should have about 250 to 500 words on each page.

In that text, you should make it a point to include the key-terms that relate to that specific page. Do not overload the text with those key-terms too many times, but use them when it is appropriate to do so.

When writing your content, keep in mind that you should always avoid having duplicate content on your site.

This means that you should not just copy and paste articles from other websites and you should not just take your past articles and simply re-wording them.

Remember to write content for your visitors, and not for search engines.

As mentioned earlier, overloading your text with key-terms will just be annoying to your visitors.

Finally, make sure you double check your spelling and grammar. This is very important because this could influence webmasters decisions to link to your site.

In my article on this page, notice that I have embolded my primary key-term and italicized my secondary key-term. This is just to show you how I have made sure to include these terms within the content on the page.