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Foxyform.com will allow you to add a very simple contact form to your website. Simply open your web browser and go to foxyform.com

Step 1 will allow you to specify which text fields you want to be present on your form.  By default Name and Email are selected and you have the option to add Title and Subject.

Step 2 is the advanced settings section, where you can change the form background color, the font color, the font, and the font size. I am going to leave these as is. You can change them if you’d like.

Step 3 is where you enter your email address. This is the email address that will receive the contact form submissions.

If you scroll down a bit, you will see a preview of your form. When you are done, enter in the captcha code for anti spam purposes and click the Create Formular button.

The next page will have step 4, which is the code for the form. Highlight the code and copy it.

In EverWeb, paste the code into an HTML Snippet, and hit the Apply button. You can now place the form wherever you’d like on your site.