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Redirecting From Mobile to Desktop

Video Transcript:

If you are using EverWeb’s built-in mobile redirect, and you want to provide your mobile users with the option of viewing the desktop site, you may have noticed that simply linking from the mobile site to the desktop site will just redirect the user right back to the mobile site.

This is because the redirect code that is placed on the site will trump the link to the desktop site. The user will be stuck in a loop clicking on the link to go to the desktop site, only to just be sent back to the mobile site.

To correct this, what you need to do is hyperlink the object or text, but to an External Page instead of one of your pages. Enter the full URL for the page that you are redirecting to. If you are not sure what the URL is, simply visit your website in the web browser, and click in the address bar, to copy the URL.  At the very end of the URL add this in;


Clarification: The '/' in the above code is only require for directories. If the url ends in .html it means the link is to a file and you don't need the starting '/'. You would enter something like this '/filename.html?fullsite=true' where file name would be the name of the actual page and would change based on what file name you have specified.

So you would only enter this to the end of URL to a file;


Adding this string to the end of the URL will ensure that your mobile user will be sent to the desktop version of the site, and not redirected back to the mobile version.