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EverWeb Membership Sites: Password Protecting Your Membership Site's Pages

Video Transcript:

► This Video's Contents...

0:00 - Introduction

0:33 - Creating Membership Levels

0:43 - Creating Content Pages

1:28 - Password Protecting Content Pages

For the features described in this video you will need EverWeb version 4.0 or higher, for macOS or Windows.

In this video, we will be creating your membership site’s content pages in EverWeb. We will then show you how to restrict member’s access to only those pages that their membership entitles them to.

If you have not set up your Membership Levels already, please check out our videos on Membership Levels.

Once you have created your Membership Levels, you can create your content pages. These pages will probably mimic the Membership Levels that you have created. For example, I am going to create content pages for Free, Silver and Gold Membership Levels. Create these pages within your membership site's folder in EverWeb.

If you want, you could create a subdirectory containing all of your content pages.

When creating content pages, if you have multiple pages per membership level remember to add hyperlinks on each page so that your visitors can navigate easily between them.

In this example, I am going to call my pages:Free Content, Silver Content and Gold Content.

After creating your content pages you can now assign membership levels to each of them. Start by selecting one of your content pages.

Next go to the Page Settings tab in the Inspector Window.

Scroll down to the Password Protection section, and click on the triangle symbol to the left of the section name, if the Password Protection section is closed.

There are two buttons at the top of the section: Memberships and Simple Password.

The Memberships button is used when you have an active EverWeb Membership Sites account.

To set the Membership Levels for the page you are currently on, first select the Membership Site that you want to use from the dropdown menu. The default is set to ‘No Selection’.

Once you have selected your Membership Site, you will see its Membership Levels. Click on the box to the left of the name of the Membership Level to toggle the level on or off.

In this example, for the Free Content page I want all members to be able to access its content, so I would check all membership levels.

For my Silver Content page, I would check mark only the Silver and Gold level checkboxes.

Lastly, for my Gold Content page, I would only check the Gold membership level.

The Membership Password Protection section also allows you to see additional Membership Level details just by clicking on the Membership Level name i.e. Set Up Price, Recurring Price, Tax and Schedule.

This section also enables you to edit your membership levels at any time by clicking on the ’Edit Membership Levels…' button. This button will take you to your EverWeb Client Area, where you can make the changes you want.

If you make changes to your membership levels in your EverWeb Client Area, for example, by adding, or removing, a Membership Level, you may find that these changes are not reflected immediately in EverWeb. Use the ‘Refresh’ button to the right of your Membership Site selection to refresh the Membership Levels list.

The ‘Membership Settings also allow you to setup, or edit, your Membership Site Settings by clicking on the ‘Membership Site Settings…’ button.

Once you have set up your Membership Levels for all of your pages, publish your site and test.