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Wrapping Text Around An Image

Video Transcript:

If you want to add text wrapped around an image to your website in EverWeb, you can do so by downloading the Image Wrap widget made available by AllAboutiWeb. This widget can be downloaded for free at this URL, by clicking on the download button.

Once the widget has been installed, you will need to drag and drop it onto the editor.

On the Widget Settings tab, select your image from your computer by clicking on the Choose button, followed by the next Choose button. Or, if the image is already in your assets list, just select it from the list.

If you want to enter some alternative text for your image, enter it in the Alternative Text field, otherwise leave it blank.

In the large text box, enter in the text that will wrap around the image. If you want, you can expand the widget box which will alter where the text is placed surrounding the image.

You can also choose to align the image either left or right by selecting either option from the drop down menu.

You also have the choice of aligning the text left, right, center, or justified.

If you want to change the font, or font size for your text, you can do so the way you would normally change them. Click on the Fonts button in the toolbar, and then choose the font size you want to use, as well as the font family. If you want, you could also change the font color as you normally would.

It is important to note that you cannot change the size of your image in this widget, so make sure that you load your image into EverWeb at the correct size that you want it to be.