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EverWeb Check Page Search Engine Strategies

Video Transcript:

To use the features shown in this video, you will need to use EverWeb 4.0 or higher, for macOS, or Microsoft Windows, and EverWeb SEO PowerUp add on.

If you do not have EverWeb SEO PowerUp, you can purchase it through your EverWeb Client Area.

EverWeb’s SEO PowerUp addon’s Check Page feature is a one click tool that checks how SEO friendly your website’s pages are.

After scanning the page, Check Page gives you SEO suggestions and actions, that can be applied to the page.

To use Check Page, first select the page in your site that you want to check.

We recommend that you only check the pages in your website that are important to apply SEO to. For example, the Home page of your site.

Pages that are not important to apply SEO to, such as Contact, and About Us pages, will probably not need to be checked.

In this example, we will be checking the Home page of our site.

Click on the Check Page button in the Toolbar to scan the page.

A window containing Web Page Suggestions will appear when the scan has finished.

Note that you will also be returned to the Page Settings tab in the Inspector Window if you were previously on a different Inspector window tab.

The Web Page Suggestions dialog box, lists all SEO relevant items, and provides suggestions as to how to successfully complete them.

The icons on the left hand side indicate whether an item should be attended to, if it is advisable that the item is attended to, or if the item can be completed for informational purposes.

The dialog box will also inform you where you have already successfully completed an SEO related item.

For an item that still needs to be completed, click on the suggestion that requires attention. 

A second dialog box will appear at the place on the page where you should enter SEO applicable information.

This dialog box will contain information to help guide you in successfully completing the field. 

In addition, you can go to the Previous or Next suggestion directly, or just close the dialog box.

You can check the page at any time. Just re-run the scan to see updated results as you enter your SEO information.

When using Check Page, you may see some suggestions that you do not want to, or have to, complete.

For example, you may choose not to enter a business location if you are running an online business.

Remember also, that Check Page lists recommended suggestions for you to improve your SEO.

It is not mandatory to follow any suggestion if it is not appropriate for your situation to do so.