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Sharing An EverWeb Site For Collaboration Using Dropbox

Video Transcript:

If you want to collaborate on your website project with multiple users or multiple computers, the best method for doing so will be by sharing the project file on a cloud service such as Dropbox.

All you need to do is simply move your website project file into your Dropbox.

To do this, launch EverWeb’s projects window. Locate the project you want to share, and click on the arrows next to it. Then select Show on Disk.

The project file will appear in Finder. Drag and drop this project file from the original folder to your Dropbox.

You will notice that when you relaunch the projects window, this project no longer appears. This is because it has been removed from this folder, and you will need to open the project from Dropbox from now on.

When collaborating with multiple computers, make sure to only have the project launched on one computer at a time.