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Add a Favicon To Your Website

Video Transcript:

A favourite icon, also known as a favicon, is the small icon that is associated with your domain. It can typically be found in the address bar or on the tabs in a web browser.  It is also usually the icon that is used for bookmarked websites.

To add a favicon to your site in EverWeb, simply go to the Site Publishing Settings page by clicking on the site name in the top left, or by going to File > Edit Publishing Settings.

Scroll down to where it says Favicon and click on the Choose button. Select the image that you want to use as your favicon. When you are ready, publish your site.

Once your site has been published, you can visit the site online to see your favicon. Many times the favicon will not appear right away. If that is the case for you, just double check that your favicon was added correctly by typing favicon.ico at the end of your URL. If you are able to see the image, then you have published the favicon correctly. Even though you might not be able to see it right away, all new visitors to your site will be able to see it.

You will eventually be able to see it when your browsers cache has been cleared, or you can manually clear it yourself.