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Title Tags

Video Transcript:

The title tag is the string of text that is displayed at the top of the web browser. It is also the text you see as the clickable link for a page when you perform a search. As you can see, the title tag can play an important role in search engine optimization. In many instances, you might see web page’s that have generic title tags such as Home, Products, or just the company name. This is a huge waste of space if search engine optimization is important.

Changing a title tag in EverWeb is very simple to do. Simply select the page and on the Page Details tab in the Inspector window, under the Web Page Title heading, insert your page’s title.

An example of a way to display your title tag could be this. First I have my primary key-term for this page, followed by the secondary key-term. You can separate these however, you’d like, or not even separate them at all. One other thing I like to do in the title tag is put the company name at the end of the title. You do not need to do this, but it certainly is something you can do if you’d like. I like to separate the company name with one of these lines, which can be added by holding down the shift key, and the backslash key. The backslash key can be found right beneath the delete key on your keyboard.

Remember, each page’s title tag should contain the primary and secondary key-term for that respective page.