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SEO PowerUp Add-on


EverWeb’s SEO Power Up Addon has a number of features to boost  EverWeb’s built in SEO capabilities and further optimize your website for search engines.

First of all, GZip Compression is built in as an exclusive feature for EverWeb+Hosting customers. It is enabled on the EverWeb’s servers so that your websites load faster. GZip compresses and decompresses files intelligently between server and browser, so reducing the size of your website’s HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

Use EverWeb SEO Power Up on the pages in your website that you want to optimize in terms of their SEO.

In this example, I am going to optimize my Home Page.

Go to the Page Settings tab in the Inspector Window.

Open the section Search Engine Optimization.

Check the ‘Include page in search engines’ check box if it is not already checked.

You can specifically add the SEO keywords, or terms, that you want to use on the page. These will usually be the primary and secondary keywords, or terms, that you have already found through your SEO keyword research.

In my example I am going to add ‘Left Handed Golf Clubs’ and ‘Left Handed Putters’.

You can edit your keyword entry by double clicking on it and editing the field. To delete the entry, just highlight it then press the delete key on your keyboard.

EverWeb SEO Power Up will create an XML Sitemap file for your website.

An XML Sitemap tells Google, and other search engines, which pages and files you think are important in your site, and also provides information

useful to SEO about such files or pages.

For example, when the page was last updated, how often the page is changed, and any alternate language versions of a page.

You can assign a priority and frequency to the important pages in your site, according to sitemap protocols, directly from the Page Settings tab in EverWeb.

First, check the ‘Include in XML Sitemap’ checkbox if it has not already been checked. This will make the Priority and Change Frequency fields available to you.

Note that If you have not purchased EverWeb SEO Power Up, you will be notified of this once in a while when using the Priority and Change Frequency fields.

Priority sets a number from zero and one. Zero being not important, 0.5 being neutral and 1.0 being very important.

Here are some examples of how to set the Priority value for your pages:

Use priority values between 0.8-1.0 for pages such as your Home page and product information, major features and major category pages.

A priority value between 0.4-0.7 is often used for articles, blog entries, minor category pages and FAQs.

Whilst priority values of 0.0-0.3 are used for old news pages and for those pages where the information is no longer relevant.

The Change Frequency field tells search engines approximately how often each page is updated. An update refers to actual changes to the HTML code or text of the page. Select the Change Frequency that is appropriate to the page. For example:

NEVER: Is used for pages that contain out of date news stories, old press releases and so on…

YEARLY is used for Contact, “About Us”, login, registration pages

MONTHLY for FAQs, instructions and infrequently updated articles

WEEKLY: should be used for pages such as Product information page and website directories

DAILY: Is used for page types that include Blog entry index pages, classified advertisements and small message board

HOURLY: This category is used for major news update sites, weather information and forums

And finally use ALWAYS for pages relating to items such as stock market data and social bookmarking categories

Remember that EverWeb’s SEO Settings should only be applied to the pages in your website that are important to you in terms of SEO. If you have pages that are not important e.g. an About Us type page, then this page does not need SEO Settings applied to it.

For more information about other ways of improving your SEO, check out the  SEO for EverWeb Video course on the everwebapp.com website.

Before publishing your website, check your website’s Site Publishing Settings. You can access these settings by either using the File, Edit Publishing Settings menu option, or by clicking once on the name of your website in the Web Page List.

Check the box ‘Optimize & Submit Website to Search Engines’ if it is not already checked. If you have not already purchased SEO Power Up, a dialog box will appear with options to purchase or remind me later.

If you have an EverWeb+Hosting 10GB or higher account, EverWeb SEO Power Up is free for you.

In addition to your Sitemap, when you publish your site EverWeb SEO Power Up creates your website’s robots.txt file

The robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which pages or files the crawler can or can't request from your site

Your website’s XML Sitemap will be submitted to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Alexa notifying them of the updated site each time you publish something new.