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Local Language Search Engine Targeting


EverWeb’s language localization options , available in EverWeb 2.4, are designed to help improve your Search Ranking Results by using language localization to better serve visitors searching the web with more relevant search results.

You can apply the language settings, in EverWeb, in three different ways:

On a global level for your whole website

On a local level targeting only specific pages in your website

Or on a global level with specific pages localised to override this setting as needed.

Let’s find out what all of this means and how it works in practice.

In my example I am going to use a fictitious farming company based in the United Kingdom who have their own website.

At the moment the website is designed to serve only customers in the United Kingdom.

In this case, I can set my language setting at the global, website level.

To do this go I go to my Site Publishing Settings. In the Head/Footer section, there is an option for Language.

When I click on the drop down I see a whole host of languages. In my example, I want use English.

As you can see there are many places where English is spoken. As my website is for customers only in the United Kingdom, I select English (United Kingdom).

For your own website, select the country option for the language that is most appropriate to your target audience. For example in the United States, I would select English (United States).

If you want to target all English speakers irrespective of their geographic location, just select English without any country.

When finished, publish your website.

Now, imagine that my farming company has expanded and now is selling its products in The Netherlands and in New Zealand.

For The Netherlands, I have made a page in the Dutch language to target the Dutch market. To help better my Search Engine Rankings for this market, I can apply the language setting specifically in my Dutch page.

To do this, I go to my Dutch page and make sure that the Page tab is selected in the Inspector Window.

Next I go to the Language drop down in the Page Details section and select Dutch (The Netherlands) as the option to use.

This setting will override the global language setting of English (United Kingdom) that we set up earlier so that my. search engine results will better target the Dutch market.

For my customers in New Zealand, the written language is English but if I make pages specifically for my New Zealand customers, I can set the language option on those pages to use use English (New Zealand) in the same way I did for my Dutch pages, to target my New Zealand customers.

The third way I can use EverWeb's language options is just on a page by page basis with no overall global setting in Site Publishing Settings. There may be specific instances where you want to use this option, but in general you will want to either use the global setting in Site Publishing settings only or the global language option plus localization on a page by page basis.