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In recent years, web search giants such as Google and Microsoft have been encouraging website developers to encrypt all data transmitted between website’s host servers

and end user browser windows.

Data encryption is important as it provides a safe, secure way for transmitting data across the internet to all the devices your website visitors may be using.This is especially so for any internet based financial transactions such as web shopping carts, or where confidential data, such as medical information, is involved.

EverWeb’s Site Shield add on provides the simple, easy, way to keep your website secure through end to end data encryption - and it only takes a couple of mouse clicks as EverWeb does all the hard work behind the scenes!

As well as being ideal for helping secure online data transmissions, EverWeb Site Shield is also great for your SEO Rankings as Google gives data encrypted websites a ranking boost over non-secure websites.

EverWeb Site Shield is available to anyone using EverWeb version 2.4 or higher together with an EverWeb+Hosting plan. If you have a 10GB or higher plan EverWeb Site Shield is absolutely free.

Before using EverWeb Site Shield, make sure that you have EverWeb version 2.4 or higher installed. If in doubt, check the Projects Window that you first see when you launch EverWeb, or go to the EverWeb menu and click on the About option.

To use EverWeb Site Shield, first open your Project file and go to the Site Publishing Settings. Check the “Use HTTPS Secure URLs” box. Then publish your Entire Website using the File, Publish Entire Site menu. That’s all you need to do!

When your website has been published click on the “View Website Now” button. You may not notice any change to your website, However, if you look at the website’s URL in the browser search bar you may notice that the website now uses HTTPS as it’s prefix instead of HTTP.

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, and HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. The ’S’ at the end of the prefix means that any communication between the EverWeb Server hosting your website your visitors browser windows is encrypted.

Some web browsers only show you the short form of a web page’s URL. If you don’t see the HTTPS prefix, click in the browser search box to see the full URL displayed.

The second thing that you may notice is that there may be a padlock symbol next to the website URL. This Padlock symbol acts a visual indicator that an HTTPS connection is in place and active.

EverWeb Site Shield’s the easy way for more secure websites and better search engine rankings all with just the click of a button!