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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to add a calendar on your EverWeb website using Google Calendar. This can be a useful tool for a number of industries, including bed and breakfasts, personal trainers, or teachers to name a few.

Here I have a calendar that I created in my Google Calendar which shows that some dates are booked and some dates are available. To add this calendar on my website, what I will do is click on EverWeb Tutorials beneath My calendars on the left hand side, and then select Calendar settings. Then I will click on the Share this Calendar tab, and check the Make this calendar public option. This will make this calendar public which is the only way to display the items on the calendar when you embed it on your site. If the calendar is not public, then users who see the calendar on your site will just see an empty calendar.

Click Save and then once again, open up the Calendar Settings. On the calendar details page, there will be a code for adding the calendar to a website. You will also see a link that says Customize the color, size, and other options. If we click on that link, it will bring us to a page that allows us to make some changes to how the calendar will appear on our website. For example. let’s say I want to remove some features on the calendar, I can deselect the options and those features will be removed.

I can also change the view to a weekly view, a monthly view, or an agenda view.

The width and height of the calendar can also be modified.

When I am ready to embed the calendar on my site, I will highlight the code and copy it.

Next I will open up my site in EverWeb and drag and drop an HTML Snippet onto the page. I will then paste the code that was just copied and hit the Apply button. The calendar will then appear and I can move it to wherever I want on the page.

A great feature with this calendar is that you can make changes to the calendar online from your Google Calendar account, and those changes will automatically be reflect on your calendar online.