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Free Website Hit Counter


To add a hit counter to your EverWeb website, you can use one of the many hit counters available for free at free-website-hit-counter.com

Select the hit counter that you want displayed on your site.

In the number of digits field, input a number from 4 to 9 for the number of digits you want displayed.

If you want the hit counter to start at a number other than zero, input the number you would like to start at.

Next, enter your website’s address.

Then enter your email address.

Check to accept the terms & conditions and then click on the Generate free hit Counter HTML code button.

On the next page, highlight the code and copy it. On your site in EverWeb, drag and HTML Snippet onto your page. Paste the code that you just copied. You can resize the widget box and move the hit counter wherever you’d like on your page.

Repeat this for any other page on your site that you would like to have the hit counter.