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Cookie Consent Bar/Button


Since May 2018, European Union law has required websites owned in the EU, or sites targeted towards EU citizens, to gain consent from their visitors to accept the use of cookies when accessing their site.

You can easily add a Cookie consent bar to your EverWeb made website using a free to use widget from third party provider, EverWeb PowerUp.

First, go to the EverWeb PowerUp website at this URL:


Click on the Widgets menu option and download the Cookie Bar widget to your computer. The widget will be downloaded to your computer’s Downloads folder.

Next, launch EverWeb if the app is not already open.

Select the Widgets tab in the Inspector.

Now click on your computer’s download folder and drag and drop the Cookie Bar widget in to EverWeb’s Widget Tab.

The widget is now available for use In your project file, and can be added to either fixed width or responsive page layout types.

At minimum, you should add the Cookie Bar widget to the Home Page of your site as this is the usual entry point for visitors to your site.

With the Cookie Bar selected, go to the Widget Settings and check the ‘Show Decline Button’ option.

It is highly recommended that this option is used as the EU Directive states that visitors must have the option to decline the use of cookies.

Visitors should not be forced to accept the use of cookies by only being offered an ‘Accept’ option.

Set the remainder of the options as desired. If you want to add a Privacy Policy option, you will need to create a page in your site for this.

When finished publish your site and test.