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Video Transcript:

By just dragging objects on to the canvas the vision in your mind can be easily transferred on to the page in front of you.

Choose from dozens of professionally designed themes to modify to your liking, or use the blank template to start from scratch to build your own website.

Add text to your site with one simple click.

Make a mobile version of your website and easily setup automatic redirects for mobile browsers.

Optimise your website for search engines right from within EverWeb. For best results refer to our free SEO for EverWeb video course.

Use Master Pages today so that site wide modifications done in the future can be applied quickly and easily.

Simply click to add hyperlinks to text and objects on your page. You can also link PDF files for downloading from your website.

Include a drop down menu in your navigation for an easier and cleaner navigation experience.

Enhance your images with picture frames. All of your images and files are easily accessible from the Assets tab so you can quickly add them to other pages on your site.

Preview your website in all the browsers installed on your computer before publishing the site online.

Mask or crop your images right on the page.

Password protect your websites pages.

Easily setup redirects from your old URLs to your new EverWeb pages so search engines, and users who have bookmarked your site, will be easily able to locate the new page.

Quickly add buttons to your site for quick links to your Facebook and Twitter pages, your YouTube channel and more.

Add a navigation menu to your site by just dragging and dropping the widget. Create either basic and simple single level navigation menus or more robust navigation using a drop down menu.

Showcase your photos in a highly customisable image gallery and add your podcasts, music or other sounds using the Audio widget.

Add a contact form so your website visitors can easily get in touch with you.

Easily create a mobile website.

Make you site more social by adding a Facebook Like or Facebook Page Time Line button, a Twitter follow me button and a Google+ button.

Add a blog to your site to always keep your visitors informed and up to date.

Easily add video to your site with the video widget or by embedding your youtube videos using the YouTube widget.

Sell products on your site using EverWeb’s robust PayPal widget.

Add virtually anything else using the HTML Snippet widget.

You can easily publish your website either to your EverWeb hosting account, to a local folder on your hard drive, or directly to your FTP server.

Access all of our video tutorials from our website or by clicking on the “Learn how to use EverWeb” button located on the Projects Window.