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Adding Images To Your Site

Video Transcript:

If you want to add images to your website in EverWeb, there are many ways to do this. For example, you can drag the image from your desktop onto the editor. You can also drag the image from the Finder window onto the editor. You can also go to Insert in the menu bar and select Choose and then choose the image you want to add.

You can also add an image by adding a text box or shape. Then click on the Shape tabs in the inspector window, select Image Fill from the drop down menu, and then click the Choose drop down menu and select Choose which will open the Finder window, and then select the image that you want. The same method can be applied for adding an image to the Page and Browser Backgrounds.

Any image added to the site will appear in the Assets section. You will notice that the images I added earlier in the demonstration appear in this list. You can add any image to this list by just dragging the image from your hard drive and dropping it in this assets list.

You can then add the image to any page on your site by dragging it from the assets list and dropping it on the editor. You are able to see a bit of a preview for the image when you click on it in the assets list and begin dragging it. You can also see a preview of the image by clicking on the eye icon which is to the right of the image in the assets list.

The great thing about the assets list is if you want to use the same image multiple times throughout your site, you do not need to keep adding the image to the site using the methods outlined earlier. Once the image is added once, it remains in the assets list and you can access it no matter what page on your site you are currently on.

For example, if I add a shape to a different page, and use the Image Fill option, I can just select the Choose button and then select the image from the drop down menu. All images in the Assets list will appear in this drop down menu.

There is one other important, and powerful way of adding images to your site, that I would like to show you. If you click on the Media button, EverWeb's media browser will appear. You can now add images to your site from media locations on your hard drive such as iPhoto, and your Pictures folder. If you want, you can drag and drop additional folders onto the media browser so that you can access images from any folder on your hard drive. Whenever you want to add an image from the media browser to your EverWeb site, simply drag and drop the image either on the editor or in the assets section.