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Page Names

Video Transcript:

Page names are the file names that follow the domain name. For example, the domain name for this website is jeremysgolfshop.com and the page we are currently on is left-handed-golf-clubs.html. The left handed golf clubs part of this URL is the file name.

This a great place to insert a keyword for this particular page. Many times, user might give their pages generic names such as page 1 or homepage, which would be a waste of space for optimizing for search engines.

It is recommended that you use your primary keyword for your page name.

With the page highlighted in EasyWeb, open the Inspector window, and click on the Page Settings tab. Under the File Name field, type in your desired page name. For my example, I am typing in Left Handed Golf Clubs. The best way to do this is exactly like I have done. EverWeb will apply hyphens automatically to separate each word.

This should be repeated for every page on your site that you are trying to optimize for search engines. For example, your contact us page might not be a page on your site that you are trying to get to rank high in search engines. If that is the case, you do not need to optimize the page file name for that page. Naming it Contact Us would be just fine. This rule will apply to the other optimizations that we will be discussing in the remainder of this video. If the page does not require optimization, then you do not need to do any SEO work on that particular page.

One thing I do want to point out is that this optimization does not need to be made on the home page, since the home page’s file name will be index.html. This is a typical way that websites work, but we will still be able to optimize the home page using the other methods that will be addressed later on in the course, so there is no need to worry.