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Get full control over your web site hosting with FTP access, control panel access and use any web site builder to design your website.

Upgrade your plan at any time as your need more.

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mySQL Database
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Storage Storage Storage Storage
5GB 15GB 30GB 40GB
Bandwidth Bandwidth Bandwidth Bandwidth
50GB 150GB 300GB 400GB
Email Accounts Email Accounts Email Accounts Email Accounts
5 15 30 40
Performance Performance Performance Performance
Standard Optimized Optimized+ Optimized++
Websites Websites Websites Websites
1 3 5 15
mySQL Database mySQL Database mySQL Database mySQL Database
2 10 30 50
Daily Backups Daily Backups Daily Backups Daily Backups
Customer Support Customer Support Customer Support Customer Support
24/7/365 Support 24/7/365 Priority Support 24/7/365 Priority PLUS Support 24/7/365 Dedicated Account Support
Search Engine Reports Search Engine Reports Search Engine Reports Search Engine Reports
Personalized Quarterly Reports Personalized Monthly Reports


We don't just sell hosting, we pride ourselves in the highest quality service, but more importantly, the highest quality customer support. We are here for you 24/7 to help make sure your website and email is always online.

Our larger packages come with free search engine optimization reports to help you get more visitors to your website and website design help.


We want to make sure your website is a success! Included with all packages is;

Web hosting packages include

Super fast SSD hard drives

Our servers will use the fastest SSD drives to help deliver your website quickly to your visitors

Fast SSD hard drives

Free Website Transfer

We will help transfer and publish your website so everything works flawlessly

Free Website Transfer

free ssl certificate

A free SSL certificate to secure your website for your visitors

free ssl certificate
Web hosting packages include
Wordpress installation

One-click Wordpress Installation

Install WordPress with one-click and get your site up and running in minutes

Hundreds Of scripts

Hundreds Of Apps

Hundreds of online scripts that you can install at the click of a button. Forums, e-commerce and more

Weekly website backups

Weekly website backups

We will backup your website automatically on a weekly basis


If you have a specific questions, please feel free to contact us.


Which hosting package should I buy?


You can purchase any power hosting plan and upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

Start with the Power Starter and work your way up from there as you need more resources.


How can I keep my website secure?


All of our Power Hosting packages include a free SSL certificate. In addition to that we can implement the latest security standards on all of your websites.

Lastly our servers are continuously scanned for malware and we get instant notification if there is ever a problem.


How can I build my website?


You can use any website builder with Power Hosting including WordPress, EverWeb, Rapidweaver or more.

We provide step by step instructions to use any website builder and publish your website when you sign up.

If you need help designing your website, we can do that for you as well and create a professionally designed website for you that you will be able to change and update when you need.


How many websites can I use on my Power Hosting account?


Each Power Hosting package includes a set number of websites (or domains) you can have on each account. If you need more you can upgrade at any time instantly from your client area with us.


Can I get an email account associated with my website or domain?


Yes! Each Power Hosting account comes with a certain number of email accounts that you can use. You can check email on your Desktop computer or mobile device.

We will provide easy steps to set up your email on any device once you sign up.


Where are your servers located?


Yes! We have servers in both the US and Europe. You can choose your server location when you sign up.


How fast are your servers?


Depending on the website builder you choose we will optimize your account for that. For example, if you choose a dynamic, scripted based tool such as WordPress, or a static website builder such as EverWeb, we can optimize your account performance for it. Just let us know!

In general, we use the latest standard in SSD hard drives, pack our servers with extra memory and monitor them 24/7 for performance issues.

The majority of website speed issues is usually due to the actual website coding and we can provide a customized Speed Report with specific strategies to increase your website’s speed.


Can you help migrate my website from another servers to yours?


Yes! We can take care of everything for you. You won’t even notice the change. You’ll just get access to all of our services and customer support.


Do you offer support if I have questions or problems with my site?


Yes! We have worked hard to make sure everything is as easy as possible and we have provided all the tools so you can make most changes to your account on your own.

However we are also here 24/7 by phone and email to help with anything you might need.

If you need an email configured, a website designed, higher search engine rankings or anything else, we can help you with that. Just let us know!


Do you offer help with Website Design or Search Engine Optimization?


Yes! If you need help with your website design or getting more website visitors through search engines we can help!

We offer a ‘Designed For You’ website design service where we will deliver a professionally designed, unique website template for you to use.

Additionally we can help you properly optimize your website for search engines to start attracting more website visitors.

Lastly, if you need help securing your website, we have advanced security options to make sure your website is safe and secure for you and your visitors.