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Create beautiful, responsive, websites without any code. Just drag and drop your own images, text and anything else - anywhere you want.

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Automatically create dropdown navigation menus with absolutely no coding required.

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Just drag and drop your text, images and other elements on you design canvas. EverWeb takes care of generating & publishing your website.

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Design your site once and automatically update all pages with your Master Pages.

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EverWeb Website Builder
drag and drop


Easily design your website without any coding. Simply drag and drop your way to a professional website.

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EverWeb includes built in support for Google Fonts. Just install the font you want to use and EverWeb takes care of the rest.

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Easily add search features to your website with the click of a button.


Create beautiful, responsive, websites without any code. Just drag and drop your own images, text and anything else - anywhere you want. Not a Designer? Use one of the free, professionally designed templates or have one of our designers create a custom website design for you.

EverWeb Responsive Websites

100% Responsive Websites

  • Create 100% responsive websites all without writing a single line of code and no "techie" skills.

  • EverWeb takes care of everything, making sure your website looks amazing on mobile, tablets and desktop computers.

Built in Blogging

  • Create your very own blog with EverWeb's built in blogging engine!

  • No need to install complex scripts or configure databases, EverWeb lets you create your own blog at the click of a button.

  • It's never been easier to start blogging with your very own, custom design!
EverWeb Blogging
EverWeb Website Examples

Unlimited Websites With No Limitations

  • You're never limited in what you can do with EverWeb.

  • Build UNLIMITED WEBSITES without paying for each one.

  • Plus, get instant access to over 600 built-in and third party add-ons, called widgets, to add anything you can imagine to your websites.


Start from a blank page or use one of the hundreds of included templates for your website

EverWeb Restaurant Grill Template
EverWeb Real Estate Template
EverWeb Restaurant Template
EverWeb Fitness Template
EverWeb Design template Website
EverWeb Product Website Template
EverWeb Massage Website Template
EverWeb Dental Clinic Template
EverWeb Architecture Website Template
EverWeb Lawn Card Website Template
EverWeb Band Template
EverWeb  Legal Business Template


Easiest to use webpage program I've found.

I tried many webpage design programs and EverWeb is by far the easiest program I've ever found…it’s very intuitive. Everything is drag-and-drop.

All the features I need for a basic or advanced site. Lots of easy to understand training videos. Fast and responsive email customer service…I always get a quick answer to my questions.

Gary S.
Date of experience: May 17, 2022


Best company for SERVICE & performance

Best company for performance, ease of authoring, modern design, price and value, most of all SERVICE!!

The tech folks helped me transfer my site from another, inferior hosting company who always failed! EverWeb is the best at service with NEXT DAY CALLS! to check on my site!! WHO DOES THAT?!! EverWeb techs are ROCKSTARS! The handle my hosting and 2 sites with SSL 3.6

David Bamford
Date of experience: Feb 1, 2022


I've been using EverWeb since 2013, it works so well

I've been using EverWeb since 2013, when Apple discontinued iWeb. I started with the standalone app and used a range of domain hosting.

Finally I signed on to the hosting package too.

I've never looked back, It's great to use, and the app is always being updated and refined. The uploading FTP is seamless and fast.

It's a no brainer if you want to design modern websites with a little knowledge, but not an expert. Use it !!.

Mark Dally
Date of experience: October 5, 2022


Excellent experience over time

I have published three websites through EverWeb. What differentiates EverWeb from other providers I used to deal with is a remarkable assistance of a team of technical support.

Efficiency, quick response and accurate solutions to emerging questions – are at the foundation of my trust and appreciation to EverWeb.

Date of experience: October 20, 2022

EverWeb Websites

I switched to EverWeb when iWeb finished. It is similar and very easy to use. Publishing direct to EverWeb instead of FTP made it easier still.

I've had a lot of help over the years from the support staff who have always been patient and helpful.

My last issue was with two domains that vied with each other when I published entire site. The support staff fixed that by re-directing one domain to the other, and with other helpful suggestions. Great relief and much appreciated!

Date of experience: January 28, 2022


Amazing customer service

EverWeb has saved my website which was no longer supported by iWeb. Throughout the period when I had to rebuild my website from scratch, EverWeb support team has kindly guided me through.

Recently I could finally upload my new website through EverWeb server. Thank you very much for all the customer support team for your help, and Alex for your extensive coaching!

Date of experience: May 26, 2021


Excellent customer service!

Like many others have written, I came to EverWeb by RageSW after Apple discontinued iWeb.

iWeb seemed to work the way my mind worked, so it seemed so intuitive to me, limited its functions may have been! I tried a bunch of other programs before settling on EverWeb.

I had lots of problems remaking our website in EverWeb. The support staff has been absolutely patient and fantastic in helping me through those issues! Plus, their development has been wonderful in improving the program over the years!

The transition to building responsive webpages has also not been easy, but to their credit, they have been most supportive and quick to implement improvements! Bravo RageSW!

Date of experience: August 5, 2022


"Simple. Flexible. Intuitive. I tried several, but when I found EverWeb, I could have danced in the street! It gives me creative possibilities with my Mac that don't exist elsewhere, and it follows the "Mac/Apple" personality of user-friendly. I cannot express what that means in benefits. If you're a Mac/Apple person, this is the best choice for developing and maintaining your own creative website — no matter the style."

Sunny LeGrand
LeGrand Creations
"I purchased this to replace Apple's iWeb. It's a great product that is just as easy to design in as iWeb was. Most important to me is their fantastic customer service. When I had some issues and had to deal with their support team they were fast and extremely helpful in resolving all of my needs."

Shawn Berman
"Having recently created and launched my first-ever website with EverWeb + hosting, I'm giving five stars for the software and another five for EverWeb's terrific support. Building my 'Art with Silk' site was a very rewarding learning experience. I'm delighted with the result; feedback to date has been 100% positive."

Marie Jansen
I am a great fan of EverWeb

I love EverWeb because it is so easy and quick to use, it has great videos to explain functions and the support team is fantastic. When something goes wrong, the support team fixes it.

When I need to know how to do something, I can hire someone to teach me, in my case Alex helps me and he is terrific. He knows how to explain things clearly and he takes the stress out of the whole website process.

I am a great fan of EverWeb. Thanks to all, you make my web life easier.

Date of experience: July 27, 2021



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