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I just want to say thanks for "EverWeb"...It's been fantastic! I'm one of those iWeb carry-overs and don't know why I waited so long to make the leap. I love how EverWeb is user-friendly and offers countless options for design. I've built two websites through EverWeb and I think they both exemplify the creative possibilities.

Jim Hardaway

I thought I'd drop you a quick note re my website, built in Everweb. I'm a designer with very little coding experience, and I built my previous site in iWeb. I found Everweb extremely easy to use - very intuitive - and the online tutorials were excellent for those times I couldn't figure it out for myself. A far better app than iWeb - especially the mobile device option. Looking forward to building many client sites with it.


Ian Durman - UK user

It looks like I will seldom have to ask questions again because of your great EverWeb program. Your EverWeb site builder is really great, especially for someone without tech skills. (like me) I also love how easy it is to publish-once I do it right. Thanks for making an easy iWeb replacement that works even better than iWeb!

Diane Peters

Vintage Chevrolet Club

I would like to thank you for your support & help. Within 10 hours you had PLANET RIVER back in the web game. Generally dont like to knock people/business, but I had been passed around with support tickets and live web chats with my previous provider since monday. Just not good enough in the year 2014. I am stoked to have moved all my web-related stuff to RAGE. RAGE & EverWeb rules the inter web!

Rob Wilson

Planet River

Thanks to your easy to use and affordable software we were able to vastly improve our website, which we had built in iWeb 4 years ago. What a leap forward! Thank you very much! 

Wico Valk

STOOM Architectuur

I’ve been meaning to write here for a while, but I just want to take the time to thank you guys for creating EverWeb. I had a couple of sites in iWeb, and when I learned of it’s demise, I tried and disliked a number of other programs – so I waited until you launched last year and I sure am happy that I did. Your level of support is fantastic, the free videos are so helpful and easy to follow, and the program is so intuitive and flexible that it actually is fun to work with. I’ve re-designed both sites now, and any little hurdle I faced while becoming better acquainted with the program was quickly addressed by your team. I also love and appreciate every feature you have added since launching so thank you VERY very much for your great work here!! "

Susan Smythe-Bishop

Pioneering Women

I would like to say a massive thank you for your assistance, your response time is extremely good and perfect information every time. I have all of your software SEInteligence etc which has helped me generate fantastic sales through our website. I wish companies in the UK were as efficient as you. Truly Fantastic Software and company. Thanks Again for all your Help.

Kind Regards

Lewis Ruddiforth

Charnock Surfacing

It is a rare thing these days to find a product that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them. I only recently started to use EverWeb, as iWeb is now too slow and clunky to be useful any longer. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with EverWeb. It is flexible, simple, and not only able to create my websites, but they have never looked better or functioned better.

I wanted to write you, as software companies usually only hear from customers when there is a problem. I wanted to take a moment and praise your team for all your hard work, in bringing this product to market. It is Everweb for me from now on!

R.J. Lewis

Arjay Entertainment, Inc.

"Okay, you guys officially made me almost cry today! I had spent a ton of time developing my website over the years in iWeb. I realized into it that it was not a long term solution cause the coding was bogus but I figured that it would not be too big a problem. That is, until I recently updated it and everything went WRONG! I was in a total panic looking at possibilities for redoing my website and not wanting to have to go from scratch. Not to mention that nothing I found would give me any easy way of doing what I wanted to do...

That is until I came across EverWeb this evening!!!


Thank you... a thousand times, thank you... I was able to not only reproduce what I did in iWeb, but easily made it even look mo bettah! I haven't finished it yet, but I can basically sleep tonight knowing that over the weekend I can reproduce my website perfectly and efficiently. Can't put into words how good that feels."



So impressed with EverWeb. Packed with features but really user friendly, even for a beginner like me.

Thank you!

Beverley Young

Beverley Young Illustrations

Just want to stop a minute and tell all of you at Rage how much I am enjoying using EverWeb and how grateful I am to have it.

I know you guys are working really hard, and wanted to take a moment to tell you.. HOORAY!

This means a lot to my little business, and now I can start looking for a few more clients… so KEEP GOING!!


Linda Siegel

Siegel Photography

If you liked iWeb, you'll love EverWeb. It's better than iWeb and perfect for non-technical people who wish to have control over their own website. I had been dreading rebuilding my website, but the process was actually stress-free and satisfying. The how to videos are a brilliant feature. The online support I received was prompt and excellent. Thank you for having the vision to create such user-friendly software. I highly recommend Everweb!

Sally Gould

Children's Author