Apple may have discontinued iWeb, but now you have EverWeb!

EverWeb is more powerful, more feature rich and works just like iWeb!

Drag and drop your way to a brand new, modern website with EverWeb.

Follow our quick guide to easily convert your iWeb site to an EverWeb website.

Easy To Follow Guide

Apple discontinued iWeb and with every new macOS release, iWeb becomes more unstable.

Future proof your website with EverWeb, the new, modern iWeb replacement for macOS and Mac OS X.

EverWeb works perfectly with the latest versions of macOS.

EverWeb websites work in all web browsers, including Internet Explorer. EverWeb websites use the latest web browser technology to deliver super fast, highly compatible websites for your visitors.

With EverWeb you can easily create mobile websites that look and work perfectly on iPhones, Androids and all other mobile devices. EverWeb even builds high-resolution retina websites that look extra sharp on your mobile device.

EverWeb websites are faster and more optimized than iWeb sites. EverWeb gives you built in search engine optimization tools so you can easily get higher rankings for your website without using any third party tools.

How Do You Switch From iWeb To EverWeb?

EverWeb supports Master Pages which means you create your design once and whenever you want to update it, you just changed one Master Page!

With EverWeb you can drag and drop your text and images from your existing website in your web browser, or directly from iWeb.

It's super easy to upgrade your iWeb site to EverWeb and we even have this video tutorial to help you.

Plus you can even import your iWeb blog posts directly into EverWeb.

Why Switch From iWeb To EverWeb?

iWeb was discontinued in June 2011. No major update since 2009. iLife 11 did not include an iWeb 11 update.

Works in all Web Browsers

Mobile Friendly

Optimized for Search Engines

EverWeb comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence. Not happy with your purchase for whatever reason? Let us know and we will refund your order.


EverWeb is the only website builder that can instantly import your iWeb blog posts and Photo Galleries.

Plus you can import your Photo Galleries into any image gallery in EverWeb, even responsive galleries for mobile devices.

Import iWeb Blogs & Photo Galleries