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Welcome to the EverWeb for photographers video course. This video course was created to help photographers learn how to showcase their images online.

It was designed at a beginners level, to ensure that all viewers are able to follow.

If you are watching this course, you are most likely into photography, and are looking at different ways of displaying your photos online for the world, or maybe just a few people to see.

The product that I will be showing you as a tool to help you accomplish this is called EverWeb.

EverWeb is a drag and drop website builder. EverWeb allows anyone, with little or no website building experience, to be able to quickly and easily build a website, and maintain full control over it. You can think of EverWeb like a word processing tool, but for creating a website.

Your website will be where you can showcase your photos, while also being able to provide viewers with additional information about the photos, yourself, or whatever else you want to include.

Check out our next video, where we will discuss what is needed in order to us EverWeb for your photography website.