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EverWeb 4.2 Release Notes

Tuesday, June 4, 2024 9:02 AM

[NEW] Background Video Fill and Map Fill options in the Inspector-> Shape Options-> Fill.

[NEW] Shape Options-> Video Fill can be from a URL, a selected video file, YouTube link or Vimeo link.

[NEW] Responsive Rows now include a Toolbar with move up, move down, Settings and Delete buttons.

[NEW] Responsive Rows can be dragged up or down using the blue Toolbar itself when they are selected.

[NEW] You can use the 3 line Move symbol on the right hand side of the Responsive Row Toolbar to move the Responsive Row up or down.

[NEW] All widgets have a Settings Cog icon that lets you adjust their settings instead of having to use the Inspector. 

[NEW] All Full Width widgets in Responsive pages now include move up and move down arrows.

[NEW] You can now drag and drop web pages between projects.

[NEW] You can now drag and drop Master Pages between projects.

[NEW] You can now copy and past objects including images between projects.

[NEW] Dropping a video on to a page will add a Video Fill shape.

[NEW] Shape Options-> Image Fill now has an Alignment option.

[NEW] You can now select the jQuery version from Publishing Settings.

[NEW] Flexbox Video URL can be a Youtube, Vimeo or MP4 link.

[NEW] Text encoding added as a meta tag to published pages

[CHANGE] For macOS users, the EverWeb-> Preferences... menu option has been renamed to EverWeb-> Settings...

[FIX] Line spacing in text objects will be more inline with how the text looks within EverWeb when published

[FIX] A large number of fixes and improvements for EverWeb on Windows.

[FIX] SVG files are not exported as WebP files anymore when using the Optimize Images Options.

[FIX] Captions work again for the Responsive Image Gallery widget.

[FIX] Fixed an issue with dragging objects between Responsive Row Widgets.

[FIX] Fixed some issues with importing iWeb image galleries that could crash on Windows.

[FIX] Fixed a rare issue where a page may disappear from the web page list when opening a project

[FIX] Fixed blogs having to re-publish all posts in some cases

[FIX] Fixed an issue with some images not being exported at high resolution sizes

[FIX] Fixed some potential issues with FTP publishing

[FIX] Fixed potential crash with the SEO Analyze feature