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EverWeb 4.1 Release Notes

Thursday, January 25, 2024 8:14 AM

[NEW] Automatic image optimization converts images to Webp format and resizes the hieght and width correctly so they load significantly faster. Select this option under File->Edit Publishing Settings and republish your site

[NEW] Lazy loading images under Inspector->Shape Settings->Image Fill

[NEW] Set a video as your web page background under Inspector->Page Settings->Browser Settings

[NEW] New page background image alignment, position and scaling options under Inspector->Page Settings->Browser Settings and Inspector->Page Settings->Page Settings

[NEW] Improved generated HTML and CSSS code for published websites so they better follow W3C recommendations

[NEW] Improved Asset searching

[NEW] New 'Check Page' suggestions for more optimized web pages

[NEW] Optimized how high resolution images are exported for better website performance. No longer relies on Javascript

[NEW] ALT Tag support for all built in image galleries

[FIX] Fixed potential 500 error when previewing websites

[FIX] Fixed super and sub scripts in text objects

[FIX] Fixed setting always on top for Responsive Rows and not showing elements within the Responsive Row

[FIX] Lots of fixes for EverWeb on Windows

[FIX] Error with Widget previews on Windows

[FIX] Fixed Stripe Payment Widget when using shipping options

[FIX] Fixed color settings in responsive navigation bar

[FIX] Fixes for redefining styles from selection

[FIX] Fixes for Contact Forms Enhanced

[FIX] Fixes for full width shapes not exporting correctly