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EverWeb 3.9.5 Release Notes

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 3:18 AM

[NEW] Widgets that have a setting for images can now have an image dropped on them in the Design Canvas (Text Section, PayPal and more)

[FIX] Stripe Widget fixes when you have muiltiple widgets on one page

[FIX] Password protection works properly on Windows

[FIX] Fixed previewing directory pages within EverWeb

[FIX] Deleting a project on Windows moves it to the recycling bin instead of deleting it right way

[FIX] Fixed blog pagination not appearing sometimes

[FIX] Fixes for Shape Fill->Image Slider option

[FIX] Image Slider widget fixes on responsive sites

[FIX] Fixed inspector scrolling in Windows

[FIX] Improvements to iWeb gallery import

[FIX] Fixed various crashes on Windows

[FIX] Fixes for site search keywords

[FIX] Improvements to certain font styling not appearing bold on publish

[FIX] Line Shapes with rotation applied will now export properly

[FIX] Lots of fixes for EverWeb For Windows