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EverWeb 4.0 Release Notes

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 10:52 AM

[NEW] Membership & Subscription Sites! You can now create your own subscription service and password protect specific pages on your site. You can charge your customers on specific intervals. EverWeb will securly handle all payment, subscriber activation, sign up and login features for you

[NEW] Global styles & global colors lets you predefined your fonts, styling and colors and easily update them across your entire website instantly

[NEW] Responsive Font Sizes: You can now define font size that adapt to the size of your web browser so that they look great on mobile, desktop and tablet and resize dynamically as a browser size is changed

[NEW] 'Check Page' feature will show specific and detailed optimizations you can make to improve your web pages' search engine rankings and usablity

[NEW] Contact Forms: New columns feature to place any form control side by side

[NEW] Contact Forms: New dividers control for better form layouts

[NEW] Contact Forms: New 'pattern' and max length settings for textboxes to restrict user input to specific requirements

[NEW] Contact Forms: Checkboxes and radio buttons can be set to two or three columns to provide better layouts when there are lots of options

[NEW] Contact Forms: Controls can now be hidden so you can submit specific data you may need along with your form

[NEW] Remove file extensions option when publishing your website to EverWeb + Hosting

[NEW] Custom file extensions including .php so you can add php code to your EverWeb websites

[NEW] EverWeb SiteShield can now be used on third party hosting providers making it simple to secure your website

[NEW] Image Gallery now supports "lazy loading" which means your web pages load faster and won't use as much bandwidth

[NEW] Widget list can now show longer widget names