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EverWeb 3.9.2 Release Notes

Wednesday, December 21, 2022 8:36 AM

[NEW] You can now embed videos from your Assets list in a blog post by right clicking and selecting 'Copy File Path' and pasting it into the 'Video' button in the Blog Post Editor

[NEW] A new way to import Sandvox image galleries into EverWeb automatically

[FIX] Improvements for EverWeb on Windows

[FIX] Contact Form Enhanced issue with sending emails using 'EverWeb' Mail Sending now works properly for non english forms

[FIX] Fixed crash on Windows when cancelling the New Website window

[FIX] Fixed issue with the Widgets list and their captions overlapping the Widget Icon on Windows

[FIX] Header/Footer code under Site Publishing Settings now saves properly when changing their content

[FIX] Fixed some potential crashes when publishing websites and using the Search Website feature