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EverWeb 3.9 Release Notes

Monday, November 7, 2022 5:53 AM

[NEW] Stripe Widget for accepting Payments through Stripe.com

[NEW] Dividers for elements allow you to add creative and interesting borders to any element on your page

[NEW] Confirmation emails from Contact Forms Enhanced can use the EverWeb Mail Sending feature rather than SMTP details for easier configuration

[NEW] Responsive Row has an Overlap feature for a new layout option

[NEW] Import image galleries from older iWeb sites including captions

[NEW] You can now set text as H1 through H6 tags for improved Search Engine Optimization

[NEW]  Inset margin settings for TextBox widget

[NEW] 'Dark Mode' option for the blog editor

[NEW]  Image slider widget can now have an ALT tag for images

[NEW] Line shape is exported as CSS rather than an image when full width

[FIX] Basic Contact Form works better with gmail and some other email clients that won't parse HTML code

[FIX] Crash when selecting blank rows in keyword list or assets list

[FIX] Crash when dropping image into the Design canvas

[FIX] Some fixes to Instant Preview

[FIX] Fixes to the Inspector so it doesn't automatically change tabs when making some changes to certain settings

[FIX] iframe code with video links works properly in blog posts now so you can easily embed videos and other content

[FIX] Copying and pasting text with spaces around the selected in Styled Text Editor for Widgets works properly now and won't stripe the spaces