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EverWeb 3.6 Release Notes

Thursday, January 13, 2022 11:19 AM

[NEW] Slide Show Fill Options for All Shapes under Inspector->Shape Options->Fill

[NEW] Responsive Rows set to Slide Show Fill can now have different objects on each slide

[NEW] Enhanced Security settings for EverWeb Site Shield Add-on to help protect your website

[NEW] Blog post images can have ALT text specified

[NEW] Dramatically improved the speed of EverWeb’s Design Canvas on Retina Macs. Dragging objects should be much faster

[NEW] Speed improvements for pages with lots of widgets on them

[FIX] Improved stability of blog post editor

[FIX] Fixed adjusting popup window dimensions for links in blog posts

[FIX] Improved error checking for FTP publishing

[FIX] Borders on full width object when exporting websites

[FIX] Issue wih selecting a file for a link in the Inspector’s styled text editor

[FIX] Fixed possible layout issue with text section widget

[FIX] Facebook Like Widget improvements

[FIX] Images get properly exported as transparent PNGs when using rotation

[FIX] Issues with full width shapes on fixed width layouts that use margins

[FIX] Vertical alignment of text in shapes with borders (now align middle and bottom properly) -

[FIX] Some CSS issues with blog posts and blog post images when the images are very large

[FIX] Fixed potential crash when dropping an image on a shape set to image fill